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An outfitter in Kansas has been offering a free guided hunt to a member of the US Navy SEAL community for several years.  Last year, the SEAL who attended had a chance to talk to this generous outfitter about WoHF.

Zack’s father loved to hunt.  He wanted to one day share his passion with Zack and his brother.  But on August 6, 2011, Zack’s father was killed in action when enemy fire struck the Chinook helicopter that was transporting 17 US Navy SEALs and 21 additional personnel.  Zack’s father, a highly decorated SEAL, proudly served our nation for over 25 years.

WoHF was able to assist in keeping this teammate’s promise to his son.  This past September, the coveted guided hunt was extended to Zack and his mentor.  As a Milestone event, the pair was hosted in style and had access to thousands of acres of premier hunting land.  Zack had the opportunity to learn several new skills including sighting in a rifle, weapons safety, and tracking techniques from both his mentor and the outfitter.  Zack’s father would have been proud.  The father-figure mentor, a fellow SEAL and close friend of Zack’s father, didn’t know that his mentorship was going to serve a two-fold purpose.

“And quite frankly, the whole event was therapeutic for me as well.  We have all been through a lot of not so good things but when I was able to teach my friend’s child something I know he would want to do, and would have done if still alive, was just a blessing for me.  I can’t thank WoHF enough.  I know Zack will take this experience forward with him and it has helped me heal a little too.”

While Zack never quite got the deer this year, he and his mentor are looking forward to a return trip to share more stories, create more memories, and bag that buck!