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Our Pledge

Keeping the Promise

In recent years two major wars have taken a significant toll on our nation and our families. Such overwhelming loss of so many heroes has created a void in the lives of their surviving children. The cold reality for these children is they will grow up without the guidance and tutelage of their hero and mentor. The effects of such a loss are immeasurable. We need only to view memorial photos to understand how tragically these events have impacted the lives of each family left behind.

Our concern is for the children who may not experience life as their father would have wished. Perhaps promises were made or dreams shared, only to be unfulfilled. Who will honor the wishes and promises of the father now? Fatherless, these children will navigate through the toughest times of their lives. It’s impossible to fully understand the pain and confusion they will endure as they attempt to fill the void on their own. It’s imperative we remain mindful of the gap between their tragic loss and their journey to adulthood. It’s our goal and responsibility to identify the means to honor the promises or wishes of their fathers as they would have done if still alive.

Towards this goal we pledge to honor the promises made through the gracious support of our donors, the trust of the surviving families and the mentorship provided by the Special Operations community.