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Word of Honor Fund
Who will keep his promise? We will.

Keeping the Promise

Word of Honor Fund is focused on honoring the wishes and promises of a father to his children, as he would have if still alive.

Our Values

What we do.

Aspire to posthumously honor the promises made by fathers to their children in a manner that would have honored those whose lives were cut short in the line of duty.

From our Founder

Our Purpose

Many of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, leave behind an unwritten, unfulfilled legacy in their children. This is where Word of Honor Fund begins.

In recent years, two major wars have taken significant tolls on our nation and our families. The overwhelming loss of so many heroes has created a void in the lives of their surviving children. It’s impossible to gage the pain and confusion endured by the children who are left behind as they attempt to navigate life without their fathers. The brutal reality for these kids is that they will grow up without the guidance of a hero and mentor, a beloved dad and male father figure. The affect of such loss cannot be measured.

As the brethren of fallen heroes, it’s imperative that we step in to help these kids during the intervening years that lead to adulthood. It’s our goal, and our responsibility to identify the means to honor promises made to them by their fathers, and see those promises through fruition to the best of our abilities.

We will honor promises through the gracious support of our donors, the trust of the surviving families, and the mentorship provided by the members of our special operations community. Who will HONOR their WORD? We will!

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What it’s About

Together we fulfill the wishes and promises fathers made to their children.

Honoring Promises

Honoring the promises or intentions of a father made to his children, spouse or other survivor prior to his death.

Addressing Needs

Addressing emotional and developmental needs of surviving children after immediate needs have been met and throughout the child’s journey to adulthood.


Mentoring surviving children in a manner consistent with the father’s known value system, character and spirit by fostering positive reflection, personal growth and community engagement.


Connecting the child/children with teammates or friends of their father while interacting in a personalized, shared experience and environment.

Events to Date, August 2013 — November 2023
Outreach Support
Life Skills
How it Works

Support steps in

The Support Continuum is designed to build upon each child/mentor event.  Every year a child is in the program they will experience coordinating events that are designed specifically for his or her developmental trajectory based on what the father would have wanted.

Support is designed around milestones and four building blocks of support, stability achievement and success — Keystone, Cornerstone, Milestone and Capstone events.

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In Need of Support

discretion & compassion.

Word of Honor Fund respects the privacy and readiness of each family. It is our policy to provide information through outreach mechanisms that are congruent with NSO community norms and do not violate NSO community sensitivities.

Via Your Command

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Family Support Coordinator

Via Postal Mail

P.O. Box 2134
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

We need your help

Keeping the Promise

Without the generous donations and support from patriotic individuals and corporations, Word of Honor Fund could not exist. Word of Honor Fund must continue to prepare for the unfortunate truth: more heroes will fall, leaving children behind. Please help us honor the word of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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