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Word of Honor Fund
Family Support

When you're ready.

Support for the surviving child will be provided upon registration by the surviving parent, and will continue for the child through the age of 18.

We Promise Discretion & Compassion.

Word of Honor Fund respects the privacy and readiness of each family. It is our policy to provide information through outreach mechanisms that are congruent with NSW community norms and do not violate NSW community sensitivities.

Who will keep his promise? We will.

Our word is our bond and it is the purest form of trust. The most sacred of all is a father’s promise to his children. Word of Honor is committed to fulfilling the intentions of our fallen heroes by ensuring his children experience life as he had planned before his sacrifice. His untimely passing challenges his promise.

We're ready when you are.

How to start.

Via Your Command

Contact your
Family Support Coordinator

Via Postal Mail

P.O. Box 2134
Virginia Beach, VA 23452