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2015 Newsletters

iFly — Indoor Skydiving

Cornerstone Sibling Event

A thrilling rush of wind bounces two new students in mid air! Nervous excitement overcomes these fragile siblings and they look for comfort. The duo are quickly protected by a single man who takes their hands. He’s a guardian, a best friend, and a mentor.

She was only three years old that afternoon in March of 2013. Her daddy was at work on a training op, one he had done seamlessly thousands of times before and her family was planning a big celebration upon his return. Her baby brother just turned one and they were awaiting the homecoming of their father to celebrate birthdays.

Their father was a U.S. Navy SEAL in the most elite unit of America’s Naval Special Warfare Group. He was a commando who was highly trained to accomplish missions by inserting himself through SEa, Air, or Land-the three theaters of this warrior’s operations. While in a skydiving training exercise, their father collided with another SEAL over Arizona’s desert land and that afternoon on March 28, 2013, their daddy’s life was taken. It was for his birthday that they were planning a big celebration. Their beloved daddy had turned 31 years old days before their tragic loss.

The children are now 6 and 3, and together with their loving mother, they welcome peace and guidance. That comforting man that took their hands, that guardian, and that mentor was their daddy’s best friend. He is a fellow SEAL who daily memorializes his “brother” and has been a strong presence in assisting the family heal from their loss. Word of Honor Fund was honored to send these inseparable duo and special mentor to iFLY in Virginia Beach where they experienced true skydiving conditions in an indoor facility. The three share a bond that heals from the core …and from mid air! Their daddy would be proud to see them soar!

  “He was an avid skydiver, above and beyond the general SEAL community. As well, having died in a skydiving accident, this was emotional for both the family and me. It’s something unique to their father, and unquestionably something he would have done with his children”.

J.S., WoHF mentor