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Word of Honor Fund

Honoring the word isn’t limited to the families and teammates of fallen heroes. It reaches out into all walks of life. Amazing people are everywhere helping to ensure these children are on the right “track” of life.

Labor Day weekend with Lindsey, Becca , and my family was a hit. We appreciate all the support you and Sean provided. Wintergreen provided an outstanding venue for the weekend. The condo was located right on the slope and was just a short walk from most of the activities. Wintergreen hosted an Art Festival for Labor day weekend. Lindsey and Becca had a blast painting and shopping for jewelry. The weekend was full of campfire storytelling, miniature golf, pool, shopping, attempts at bungee trampolines (maybe next year), and of course family time. Lindsey and Becca had a great time together. Jenna is the older sister to Lindsey. Jenna and Lindsey found common ground making my two year old son cry every five minutes. We talk to Wylie and let him know that it can be hard to be the only boy sometimes….stand his ground and it will work out. By the end of the weekend he had his plan together.

It was an honor to take Lindsey for the weekend. She is such a kind hearted and caring girl. It was an honor to serve with her Dad and I appreciate the word of honor fund enabling families like mine the ability to share time with Lindsey and help her to understand that we are always there for her and her mom whenever they need us. The experience and honor was shared by our entire family.