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Cornerstone Sibling Event

The World Series has not been in Kansas City for almost 30 years.  When the Royals made it, I got a phone call from a dear friend to take two special boys to Game 1.  Their Dad would have certainly taken them to one of the games and I was honored to do it for him.  The boys were so excited on game day, with support from Word of Honor Fund the other mentor and I were able to give them a great experience.  Decked out in Royals gear and special signs to hopefully get on TV we headed out to the Kaufman Stadium on a Tuesday afternoon.  We were met outside the stadium by a police escort that turned a 30 minute wait into a 4 minute trip to our parking spot.  We all went in early to stuff our faces with nachos, hot dogs, fries, soda and let the boys play in the outfield experience.  We bought more souvenirs inside and really embraced what a cool experience this was.

The crowd was huge and loud.  We found our seats and both boys immediately wanted to hold up their signs to get on the big screen.  Cotton candy and peanuts were ordered and we were set for the first pitch.

When they pulled out the huge American Flag and started the National Anthem all I could do was watch the boy’s faces and think how they would hopefully remember this forever.

The boys in blue lost the game and ultimately lost in Game 7 with the tying run 90 feet away.  I know both of those boys were watching that night and thinking, “we were there”.       

WoHF mentor