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New Office Expands our Reach

Word of Honor Fund’s new Support Site opened its doors on February 1st of last year. Measurable changes were noted in 2017 and have continued in 2018. By reorienting its playing field, Word of Honor Fund (WoHF) was able to build on its strengths and focus on the community by having a local Support Site. Historically, WoHF’s events were driven by family interest. Since the opening of the office, the focus has shifted toward creating activities at the local level. Families have responded favorably to the new approach and to the physical location. The steady flow in activity shows that intra-office communication and workflow boosted the number of Child-Mentor activities and events. The Support Site provides a convenient location for the WoHF team to meet with families and plan. The increase in hired staff in 2017 has contributed to the continuity and steadfast workforce. WoHF’s events have increased not only in quantity but also in quality, as evidenced by feedback from the children, mentors, and mothers. In 2017, WoHF increased by 435% compared to its first year of events in 2013, quadrupling its efforts to support our special operations community. By mid June of 2018, WoHF will have reached 160% of the total number of support activities completed in the year prior to the office opening. Without a doubt, our Support Site in Virginia Beach is expanding our reach!

Very Respectfully, Louis W. Shepard

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